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Executive Travel

We know that there are times when you need a higher standard of service than we offer to our regular customers. We take great pride in caring for our customers but there will be times when you need executive travel services, and this is something we are more than happy to provide.

We offer a range of corporate account services and you will not have to pay any additional fees to access this service. We are keen to support local businesses in and around Luton, so if you feel you can benefit from an executive travel service, get in touch and we'll be more than happy to provide you with more information. We believe that your business will benefit from our executive travel plans and packages.

We make things easier for your business

We know that businesses are looking to make things easier for themselves. In this regard, there is a great deal to be said for calling on outside firms for assistance. If you are able to find reliable companies to outsource or work alongside, your work becomes easier.

At Ezypick, we will provide you with a dedicated account manager and you will benefit from a priority booking service.

When you need fast support and you want to travel in comfort at all times of day or night, we are the executive travel specialists you can rely on.

While a lot of our clients use our executive travel service to ferry employees or guests around, we also offer package and document delivery services. When you are looking for the most reliable standard of courier service, we believe we provide you with comfort, peace of mind and tremendous value for money at all times. Whether you need to travel or you need to make sure your documents arrive in one piece when you promised they would, Ezypick is the company for you.

Choose value for money business services

At Ezypick, we appreciate that customers want a wide range of services but we also know that our clients are looking for the best value for money as well. We believe we provide low rates for our business clients and you can choose to receive itemised billing if this is of interest to you. You can choose between posted or electric bills and you can also choose between weekly or monthly billing. We also offer secure and safe communication methods at all times, so when you want to work with a taxi firm you can trust, Ezypick is the firm for you to rely on.

If you are looking for a reliable meet and greet service to make the best possible impression for your business clients, let us know and we'll be happy to help. With executive saloon cars and drivers who are always well turned, in full uniform, we will ensure that people form the best impression of your company. When it comes to finding the best standard of executive travel service, Ezypick is the company to call on.